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Terms and Disclaimers

While working with our valued customers we often receive questions about billing, estimates and services that we hope to provide answers for you here. Our hope is that this will allow you to make the best decision for the type of service you want for your property. Please see some of the terms and conditions we have set as a company that well help us to do the best job possible for you and protect you as a valued customer. 

Minimum charge

As a company that provides services at our customers locations, rather than sell goods or services from a brick and mortar location, we have implemented a company wide minimum charge for all invoices. If you reside in a small home, condo, or have a small office or store, you may see this charge applied to your invoice. This charge helps to cover the minimum amount of time, effort and material needed to provide your service as efficiently and as effectively as possible. This also includes drive time to your location and setup if required. We know that most all of our customers understand the basics of running a business and the full cost of ensuring you receive the best in quality care. Therefore we try our best to set our minimum at a rate that reflects the true operating cost of our business and still allows for smaller jobs to be completed at a reasonable expense to our customers. We do however make exclusions for the minimum amount for regularly scheduled contracted cleaning services, such as monthly window cleanings for business and stores

Currently our minimum for all services is $149.00

Our minimum for pressure washing services is $249.00

If you see this charge for a service that seems to be lower in cost, we hope you understand the reason for this charge and value the quality work we perform and the effort and expense that goes in to all the work we do.

Thank you!

Expectations for Service and guarantees

As one of our customers we fully understand and operate with the knowledge that you demand and deserve the best in quality service. We strive daily to give nothing less than 100% to every job we take on. 

Unfortunately at times there are jobs that we take on that have a limit to what we as a company can accomplish. Please remember that we are primarily a cleaning service company. Often times some things cannot be fully cleaned to the extent that we or you may fully desire. These instances are rare however. Before any services begin on your property, our skilled technicians will look over the work to be done and advise you of anything they may notice that could cause a problem for us to clean properly and safely. Sometimes we can honestly fail to achieve the results that we may want to see. If you have any questions about the results you expect for a certain job, please don't hesitate to ask. And please be assured that no customer of ours will ever be charged for a service we cannot perform to our best expectations.

Also because of the nature of our business, We cannot offer any kind of guarantee for our services. Cleaning is a constant need. Something we clean today may be filthy again tomorrow. We can only offer the guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work we accomplish before we leave. 

Thank you for understanding. 

Agreements for services

All of our Services that we perform are done with full consent and agreement by you the customer. Any agreed upon services between us (the company) and you (the customer) via written format such as text, email, or paper copies of estimates, as well as any spoken, verbal agreement constitutes full consent to provide the agreed upon services. 

As a company we exercise the right to decline or refuse services at any time, thus canceling any agreements whether written or verbal, for any reason. 

We will not perform any job or task that is considered unsafe for ourselves or our employees, subcontractors (if any) or any workers or staff, as well as you the customer. Safety is our number one concern and we have the right to cancel, waive, or decline any service that we deem unsafe. 

All services not performed but paid for will be refunded. No charge will be made for any services we cannot perform. 

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